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Disclaimer- Pranic Healing  and the Akashic Records should not be replaced with professional care.  It is meant to work in harmony with professional care. Please contact your veterinarian first for any serious illness, condition, or injury.

Pranic Healing  respects all religions and philosophies.

Reading your pets' Akashic Records allows you to better understand how to best support or heal them by better understanding their past, the truth or origin of a physical, behavioral or emotional issue. To get clear communication between you and them can be healing just in itself.

Akashic Records

Energy Healing- helps our pets and animals to heal, be more comfortable, relax, feel safe and loved by addressing and healing physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

Pranic Healing ™

We are dedicated to enhance the health and well-being of you and your pet  by healing on every level (Body, Mind, Spirit), offering holistic modalities of Pranic Healing and the Akashic Records.

By reading an animals' Akashic Record, I can discover the truth of what is the root or origin of a physical, emotional, and behavior issue. With that knowledge I can most efficiently utilize the healing of Energy( Pranic Healing) to clear or reduce the cause and minimize or cure the issue.